Is your wooden packaging in compliance with ISPM 15?

Is your wooden packaging in compliance with ISPM 15? More and more countries demand that the wooden packaging of imported goods comply with ISPM 15. In the case that wood and wooden packaging are not in compliance with ISPM 15, they can be retained at the border, sent back or destroyed by the country involved. Therefore take no risks and acquire ISPM 15 treated wood from a company registered at SMHV.

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IPPC mark for ISPM 15

Wood or wooden packaging which comply with ISPM 15 do not need a separate phytosanitary certificate. The IPPC-mark is the key to admittance to the country to which you are exporting. Wooden packaging carrying the IPPC mark, provide a guarantee that they meet the requirements of ISPM 15.

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Animatiefilm SMHV

In deze film wordt het belang van ISPM 15 uitgelegd, waarmee houten verpakkingen en stuwhout eenvoudig en probleemloos wereldwijd kunnen worden getransporteerd.

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